New ceramic self-ligating bracket

  • We have developed a ceramic bracket that meets the expectations of orthodontists and provides comfort for patients.
  • We have developed a mechanical base that allows the bracket to be effectively bonded to the tooth.
  • Attachment points have been inserted on the base to create a perfect retention.
  • A white spring has been created to achieve aesthetics. Through our clinical trials, we can see that wear and tear does not darken the whiteness of the spring.
  • The opening of the door is more resistant and does not break.
sourire femme genius crystal


New ceramic bracket system self-ligating in CIM process


Single piece CIM construction

  • Precise prescription

  • Aesthetic


Aliuminium oxide formulation

  • Match the natural tooth color

bracket genius crystal

Patient comfort

  • Bracket surface disignated with rounded edges


Full torque & rotation control

  • Slot precision

  • Secured bracket gate assembly

base bracket genius crystal

Superior base design

  • Reliability of 80 gauge mesh


Reduce friction

  • Slot's design with rounded corners

Genius Crystal Video Presentation

How to erase the Genius Crystal color marking ?

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Open the bracket thanks to the Genius Driver

Easy and comfortable  opening with the Genius Driver. The closing is done with just a light pressure of the finger. An audible click validates the closing.

instrument genius double