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High quality of treatment - Passive system - controlled costs

New nickel-free bracket system that has required 5 years of research and development

  • Ergonomic opening and closing system
  • Optimal central and lateral control
  • Performance MazeTM Bonding Base
  • Easy placement by positioning arrow on slide
  • Ultra precise 22×28 slot for more control
  • Up to 80% fewer finishes
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Genius II Bracket System

Genius Instruments


New self-ligating passive metal bracket in the CIM process

crochet genius II

Shorter integrate hooks are available on 3, 4 and 5. 

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Identification made during the manufacturing process permits at all time to recognize the bracket

bracket arrondi

Rounded bracket for better patient comfort

base maze genius II

By using advanced technology, we developped a new base with a superior adaptation for all 1st molars

tube genius II

The self-ligating molar tube facilitates the placement of archwire horizontaly, thanks to his sliding gate. 

genius 2 tube

The-ligating molar tube improves patient comfort and provides the possibility to ligate especially “ligature in 8”

genius 2 une pièce

MIM manufactured guarantees precise dimensions with built-in prescription and prevents fracture at the body or base junction. 

base bracket genius II

Maze anatomical base design offers increased bond strenght and easier positioning

ailettes genius 2

Under tie-wings was enhanced for easy placement of ligature and power chain

epaisseur du bracket genius II

Low profile bracket, slot closer to the tooth, and point of resistance for better torque control

ouverture du bracket genius II

Easy opening with Genius Driver to reduce chairside time

Debonding of Genius Metal & Crystal

Open the bracket with Genius Driver Double

Opening is easy and comfortable with the Genius Driver. The closure is done with a light pressure of the finger with an audible click to validate the closing.

instrument genius double