Open Bite : a challenge !

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25 September 2021

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Root resorption : Predictability protocol of root reabsorption before to bond the first bracket. What to do ?

Predictability protocol of root reabsorption before to bond the first bracket. What to do ?
Will be presented a protocol to identify and predict the possibility and severity of root reabsorption
even before the bond the first bracket. Will be discussed the importance of the systemic and local aspects that favor root reabsorption as well as a protocol of clinical management based on histology, physiology and technology to be applied in cases of root resorption identified during orthodontic treatment.

Open Bite : A challenge ! Treatment of skeletal cases, surgical without surgery

The lecture will focus on the diagnostic challenges such as how to identify the true degree of difficulty in treating open bite and how to predict it in children, which cases will become surgical in the future after growth and development.

The lecture will also focus on the treatment challenges of surgical open bite in adults. Biomechanics, the latest technological advances and the current generation of self-ligating brackets, help us in the treatment of skeletal open bites, truly surgical, but that can be treated with relative ease without orthognathic surgery.

Doctor Daniel IANNI FILHO

Dr Daniel Ianni Filho completed his post graduation in orthodontics at the master’s level in 1996 at UNESP University. Dedicated from there to study and research in Biomecanics. Wrote the book Open Bite, a challenge! Treatment of cases skeletal, surgical, without surgery, launched in French, English and Portuguese. Completed in 2018 a doctorate in Medical Sciences at UNICAMP University.

At clinics and universities he teaches Edgewise Techniques, Straight Wire and his major specialty
the Segmented Arc Technique of Burstone.
At present he devotes himself to the finalization of his new book, Simplifying Biomecanic, and works as a professor of Orthodontics Advanced level and Excellence, in several European countries.



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  • Lisbon

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  • 25 September 2021 9h00 - 17h30
  • 26 September 2021 9h00 - 17h30
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